Austin Maxi

Forge Lane, Minworth, Sutton Coldfield B76 1AH, UK

Marywell Park Homes, Nigg, Aberdeen AB12 4LQ, UK

Listed 06 Mar

2 Week


1 Vehicles


Arrange with the owner when to pick up the Austin Maxi and deliver the Maxi to myself. I HAVE NOT BOUGHT THE VEHICLE YET AS I AM SEEING WHAT MY COST'S WILL BE TO TRANSPORT THE MAXI TO MY HOME ADDRESS. TBA. -

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Provider Quoted Date Comment
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Private Quotes 19Mar Can do at your convenience all vehicles are transported. Thanks
(No ratings)(0)
Private Quotes 11Mar Collect Monday deliver Tuesday
Private Quotes 08Mar Hi I’ve private messaged you
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Private Quotes 08Mar Based on a trip there and back I charge £ per mile I can do this as and when you like, I already have a Triumph Spitfire booked in this week as well. Classics and low vehicles I can deal with including non starters. Have a good day
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Private Quotes 07Mar If this suits you message me and I’ll get you booked in mate
Private Quotes 08Mar Transported - Insured - Classic car specialist - Please check out my reviews. Many thanks Richard
Private Quotes 06Mar Message sent thank you Grant
Private Quotes 06Mar Transported
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Private Quotes 06Mar Moved on a covered trailer, discreet and safe
Private Quotes 06Mar Transported service
Private Quotes 06Mar Cheers
Private Quotes 06Mar Hi I can do this anytime this week
Private Quotes 06Mar Hi I’m Chris , I’ve been professionally driving HGV and towing around the UK and Europe for the last twelve years now. I can deliver Your vehicle safely and efficiently from Wednesday
Private Quotes 06Mar I can do this no problem

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