Peugeot 5008

Harewood Road, London SW19 2HD, UK

Wellington Road South, Stockport SK2 6RS, UK

Listed 18 Mar



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Car needs to returned to dealership in Stocport. needs to be returned by Wednesday 22nd at the latest, but preferably before.

dealership is usually open until 18:00 during the weekdays

dealership has provided a cost, but I am looking for competitive quote -

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Provider Quoted Date Comment
Private Quotes 19Mar Quote is for a driven service. Must be driveable with a valid mot. Regards, John.
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Private Quotes 19Mar Hello Asuf — could be done by Tuesday according to your convenience. Please let us know should you find the proposal acceptable. We are looking to build good reviews as we aim to deliver above par service quality. We operate as a one driver or tandem driver system depending on distance to ensure a safe delivery. We will also endeavour that you are protected from any dealership tricks (for any extra charge) with a safe reception. Best regards, Henry
Private Quotes 18Mar Transported
Private Quotes 18Mar I can do this anytime next week or tomorrow?
Private Quotes 19Mar This price is only if the car can be delivered Thursday
Private Quotes 18Mar Tomorrow

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