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Proud to be the The UK’s lowest booking fee option Transport Marketplace.

DeliverMyMotor was founded by a team of experienced transporters with numerous years experience in the industry with a vision to change a huge issue in the industry today. Currently numerous platforms in the vehicle transportation sector are taking up to 30% in commissions from hard working Companies and self employed workers. Our platform offers transporters membership plans to loose nothing to commissions.

In a basic sentence for our customers, we connect you to thousands of local transport Companies that generally move anything motorised, boats, trailers, caravans, fork lifts and agriculture machinery or anything they can possibly move.

Our website model does not work on the usual commission model basis on which customers are charged up to 30% of each job they accept which removes much needed money from Businesses pockets across the country, on average businesses can loose up to £25,000 per year from these charges which are rarely explained to customers. Our model is a simple ideology on a membership model for businesses – We currently offer a Monthly fee to businesses, all which is re-invested into advertising for work to keep our car movement and transporters as busy as possible and also save end users from paying high fees if they prefer not to loose on commissions, our transporters can opt to a very low percentage based system making it the cheapest on the internet.

Our lowest booking fee is £9! this is payable by the customer when accepting any job and does not change the overall quote from our transporters. All Job fees go into building a better platform and constant marketing materials, we hope you can help in sustaining a much more suitable model for businesses around the country, it is time for hard working drivers to earn an honest living without loosing thousands each month. Together we can all make a fairer marketplace for customers and businesses.

We do not have a huge list of shareholders waiting to earn a profit, we are here to transform the business for users and businesses. 

Transparency is the key to our success and excellent support for businesses across the globe.

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