Transport Providers Account Rules

Please Play Fair When Participating In Our Transportation Network.

Our essential rules to follow

We want to operate a fair marketplace for all of our Companies using our platform, it is absolutely essential to follow rules so this can take place. Do note we run automated and manual moderation 24/7, we have live access to all data being processed, consistent breach of these rules will result in account suspension on your second strike. These rules are bound into our terms of service and are named ‘transporter agreement’ you agree to these rules when joining our network.

  • You are prohibited from using Company names or Contact numbers in bids.
  • You are prohibited from using usernames that reference your Company name.
  • Do not use profile pictures with Company names or Contact information e.g Phone numbers.
  • When a user wants to use your service please ask them to accept your quote.
  • You are prohibited from displaying your personal contact information anywhere on our platform.
  • Do not private message direct contact information such as phone numbers until quote has been accepted by a customer.

How to correctly accept a job

Let us explain to you how the process works for accepting a job with a customer through our website. Taking jobs outside the site is extremely damaging to the re-investment of the platform and will also gain you no feedback meaning less customers will accept your quotes.

  • You place your quote on a customers job listing and can message them with dates you can cover.
  • Once agreed you will then ask the customer to accept your quote from the job page.
  • The customer will then accept your quote and pay the site fee.
  • The user or you can then direct message each other to make final arrangements such as addresses, telephone numbers and any other essential information.
  • Once the job is carried out you will then mark the job as completed in your Dashboard, the user can then also approve this their end and leave feedback.

Our final yet critical statement

With the desire to keep the platform at extremely low rates it is absolutely essential we follow the rules and work as a community to erase commission damaging platforms from the internet, we do wish our platform could be free however marketing costs to bring users to the platform cost us a lot of money each month, as a community we work together to cover this – All of your membership fees are re-invested into development and advertising we do not take it for ourselves or have lists of investors waiting for dividends.

Taking work outside the website will also reduce and impact your feedback rating, meaning when customers view your bids and profile you will not have the essential feedback from recent jobs with them less likely to accept your quote! 

Work that comes to our site can be very lucrative on our VIP plan due to the no commission model rates average in some cases £2-£3 per mile or bigger jobs £10 per mile! If we work together to build the platform this can be maintained.

From us here at DeliverMyMotor, let us strive together to achieve great success.

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