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Be sure to register your Transporter Company account with us which takes a few moments, this will allow you to Quote on jobs and message customers with questions.

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Your choice model

You can choose to be a part timer or a long term user, here is our models

  • Our VIP membership offers cash rewards for job completion, SMS alerts, Premium badges, reduced customer fees + the ability to view all posted quotes.
  • You can be a free user for the odd job and customers will pay a higher percentage ontop of your quote.
  • Customers are more likely to accept VIP premium members due to reduced fees.
  • Transporters pay a monthly Membership fee or a higher percentage if they want to join for free.
  • All free users must be ID verified to access the platform.
  • WhatsApp support 24/7 for premium members + a live transport group with over 700 members.

Membership based model?

Over the growth of the platform we believe a membership model will work best long term. We have since implemented this model site wide. To offer a sustainable Community with the lowest booking fees we have to ideally obtain funding through memberships and a reduced fees to the customer. We either have a commissions model or membership, we believe this method is better for Transporters. If you think this isn’t for you, then you can have the old style commissions model to help the site grow at least YOU decide.

  • Would you rather loose £30,000-£50,000 a year to platforms charging heavy commissions? Charging up to £100+ per job which you loose out of your earnings!
  • Would you rather pay a small monthly membership fee for work? Or loose 30% of Quoted price?
  • Collectively you all contribute to building a platform which can bring in millions of more pounds a year for Companies and self employed workers who work hard to earn an honest living.
  • If the product is free, you usually are the product! In this case they take chunks from your jobs without you knowing!
  • Fairer rates and minimal 'bidding' wars.
  • You have the option to be on the lowest Commission tier on the internet with a very big support group over WhatsApp.

You decide?

Remember the choice is yours, do we continue to allow these Companies to take over 30% of our revenue each year? Or is it time to make a stand? Why should you have to do jobs cheaper to feed greedy cash cow Corporations who do not care about you! You can be part of our membership model or our higher fee based model, you decide!

  • Tired of working for a platform? Tired of bidding wars?
  • Tired of loosing money & working for less than average?
  • Tired of bottom end prices?
  • Join us, spread the word and let us build a better marketplace.

We Welcome You.

You don’t have to join us, we do not want to sell you anything, we want change. You shouldn’t have to work cheaper than average rates to line wallets of others.

  • You can join our mission to change the industry.
  • Filling your weekly job book is easier.
  • Advanced dashboard, messaging system and cash rewards.
  • Customers are willing to pay normal rates.
  • We promise to help you grow your business income.
  • Choose how your membership works for you and your transport business.

Community driven platform

DeliverMyMotor is not just the website on the internet with a few geeks hiding behind the keyboard – We are a very Community driven platform when it comes to recovery & transportation. Running a large private group chat with all of our Van, car & Motorbike delivery Companies we stay in regular communication every single day, in many cases if one Company has to let a person down for a Delivery the job will be posted in our internal chat and given to someone else who can cover it, direct support is also offered to all of the Transporters and everybody helps each other to be successful. Money is always a part of a business process, however our main objectives are to provide a quality service and ‘stick together’ rather than the usual platforms who rarely provide any help to the Companies using it each day to obtain transport & delivery work, this is again something else we want to achieve change in the industry with.

Are you a Transport Company?

Deliver My Motor is used by millions of individuals to get their deliveries done.

Use our advanced search tools to identify loads that meet your specifications. Simply state how much you want to be paid. When your quote is accepted, you will receive a booking confirmation email with all of the pickup and delivery information.

We run a transparent marketplace with lower fees for customers and profit sharing for transporters.

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