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Community driven platform

DeliverMyMotor is not just the website on the internet with a few geeks hiding behind the keyboard – We are a very Community driven platform when it comes to recovery & transportation. Running a large private group chat with all of our Van, car & Motorbike delivery Companies we stay in regular communication every single day, in many cases if one Company has to let a person down for a Delivery the job will be posted in our internal chat and given to someone else who can cover it, direct support is also offered to all of the Transporters and everybody helps each other to be successful. Money is always a part of a business process, however our main objectives are to provide a quality service and ‘stick together’ rather than the usual platforms who rarely provide any help to the Companies using it each day to obtain transport & delivery work, this is again something else we want to achieve change in the industry with.

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Deliver My Motor is used by millions of individuals to get their deliveries done.

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We run a transparent marketplace with lower fees for customers and profit sharing for transporters.

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