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Need your classic car in covered transport? We have agents who can offer enclosed trailer transport.


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Enclosed trailer Car Movements

You need to have your classic car delivered or your high end pride and joy, but you do not want the risks of open deck transport such as stone chips or in some cases exposed to poor weather often faced across Britain when having your classic car delivered.

Our high end enclosed transport options offer an easy way to move your car or vehicle with full protection from the elements during the moving process and in many cases with high levels of insurance, often a higher price tag the service is much more bespoke over the average car delivery service offered today.

DeliverMyMotor connects you to various enclosed car delivery transporters offering same day quotes and booking service, we can also provide a managed bespoke quote where we directly handle the entire process for you without you needing to hire your own vehicle moving Company.

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Why Enclosed Vehicle transport?

Most types of classic cars and high end vehicles are best suited to covered transport for full protection from the elements and also privacy when moving your car.

Average rates can be £2-£3 a mile sometimes more depending on weight, covered trailer transport is usually higher than open deck options due to increased insurance and equipment costs.

Our platform offers options of multi quotes from various Companies with a quick registration, or if you prefer for us to handle the entire booking process for you we offer a managed transport service. We will handle all the process making life easier.

Many of our car carriers can offer transport services into Europe.

Most of our transporters accept Bank transfer, cash, debit/credit card however credit lines are not usually available.