How to book car collection at co-part?


Collecting a car from co-part is easy (kindof)

It is not their most friendly known name to many transporters in the business, co-part is well known for being a real paid to collect cars from for customers, mostly with hour long waits or issues with collections.

If you are transporting or even collecting your own purchase from co-part there is a set method to doing so which includes booking an appointment, if you do not do this and just turn up you will likely come away with a very large headache.

This method is not always used for insurance returns which is usually a call and walk in the office situation.

Download the co-part app on your phone

You can find the copart transportation app here download the app to your android or apple device and you should be able to register directly on the app as a transporter.

Once you have registered you can enter your truck or trailer & car details in the app, you must do this as they load you by checking the collection registration on the booking, entering your reg saves you messing around and standing around as they check the registrations in bays to collect vehicles, once you are in the app go to account >> user profile >> Add vehicle just add all the information including your reg and you are all set.

Information from customer to book slot

Once you have accepted a copart collection job you need a little bit of information from your customer and you can pretty much take care of the rest, making this a super swift experience for the customer and saves you time messing around contacting them constantly about collection. Once they have accepted your job you simple need their ‘membership number‘ and what we call the ‘lot number‘ you can then go into your transporter app and click ‘add lot’.

Once added you can pretty much book any day and any slot time, each slot window is 1 hour so if you choose 1pm you have 1pm up until 1.59pm to arrive (technically).

Slot issues

Make sure to book your slot days before or as soon as you can, they have a regular occurrence of all slots being taken and last minute when they are busy will not work, they will not help you at all if you didn’t book a slot, if you are running late my top tip is this, say you are booked for a 1pm slot but won’t arrive until say 1.40pm at around 1.20-1.25pm mark yourself as ‘arrived’ in the booking slot so it doesn’t get removed or marked as missed.

If you will not make it at all you can reschedule the slot (if there is any left)

I hope this helps for people with minimal co-part experience, knowing this can make the process extremely smooth for your customers and yourself.

Let someone else do it!

If you book a car collection Company online through our platform most of our agents will take care of the slot booking, all they need is your lot and membership numbers – They can then book their own collection and take care of everything.

Collecting from car auctions across the UK and Europe you can obtain quotes in minutes from car delivery agents, once you book just give them the co-part details and they can do the rest!

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