Vote for our platforms future as a community

So after regular discussion with current transporters, there is a fair few asking for the platform to become an exclusive and invite only platform, this meaning around 2 – 3 Companies max per town or around 200-300 transporters across the UK and Ireland.

We are also growing into Europe but this would have to be handled by set few.

Please take the time to quickly read over and vote in our public poll to voice your views.

Price dilution fears

Of course with our current setup at £10 per month we need a large quantity to truly survive and grow faster than our rivals, with this brings fears of price dilution and too many Transporters on the platform. We strongly understand this and do not wish for it to go this way and this is why we already have private quotes and other methods to stop price wars.

Real costs to operate

In around one month so far we have spent around £12,000 in advertising through two of our main advertisers, granted this has been optimized and reduced but until organic traffic starts to flow more including word of mouth, we have a huge bill to bring work to the platform for our transporters – This is of real concern and is personally hitting my own pocket but I want this platform to work and I notice happy transporters in our group and a community growing, one where we do not fight each other and we all work together to earn a decent living.

Rapid Growth

In this last month we have seen absolutely rapid growth for a new platform, hundreds of new jobs, many jobs accepted and a great amount of top quality feedback flowing in, word of mouth is also spreading which is increasing traffic and conversions.

The reality of ‘Exclusivity’

For the platform to become really exclusive, invite only and capped we would need to ideally operate on the below conditions.

  • Membership would be £30-£50 per month
  • Transporters would be capped at 200 initially.
  • Potential to raise to 300 transporters as work flow increases.
  • Job acceptance donation would be £8
  • Insurance verification would become mandatory
  • When we need more transporters to handle large work demands only transporters could invite another Company to join.

This would make the platform a very exclusive platform driven by a community based on their decisions and their votes.

Going forward

Based on the poll we have no idea or way to action forward locking the platform down on this level and would have to consider our options, as I always say I am not here to become a millionaire off the back of others hard work, I just want us to earn a fair living and impact other sites taking 30% off the back of us every single day, most of our customers are willing to pay fair prices for jobs and we have seen transporters being accepted for extremely good rates.

However we understand some transporters need to secure some more jobs really before they would likely want to opt for this exclusivity, if we did go forward with this we would increase our marketing budget 2 x and would hope the set amount of transporters can handle the work loads.


8 thoughts on “Vote for our platforms future as a community

  1. Hi I’m struggling to get a job. Can you please tell me how can I get some money coming in I’m struggling right now. You can help me for instant how much per mile you are offering to customers or anything thing else I can do. Thanks

    1. If you jump in our WhatsApp group the lads will be happy to help you out if you are struggling, we also released a post with some tips to securing work easier. We would also need to see what you are quoting.

    1. I agree, a fair few have had 10-15 jobs, odd few 20 and some only 1 or 2 so if we went exclusive I feel we need more work locked in for some users first, but we keep getting asked about this and so we wanted to let everyone else decide.

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