Best Car & Van Transport Recovery dispatch software?


Many of us in the game can still just do the old pen and paper or save notes on our mobile phone method, however with the age of technology upon us things have become much easier especially managing numerous trucks and staff.

As many will know we come from a Transport and recovery background, we have a lot of experience to bring to the table for Companies trying to grow – Something that took us a while to find was excellent dispatch software for recovery & breakdown jobs. Most of the software is targeted to taxi Companies rather than car transportation or recovery work, however with a few setting changes we have one that works smoothly called Gazoop.

Here is a screen shot of their booking system at work.

The features you need!

Out of the box Gazoop is fairly ready to go, however with it being aimed at taxis we had to change a few settings around such as SMS alerts, look at the list of features below and why it can be excellent to use for your customers!

  • SMS Alerts including ETA to collection
  • iOS & Android APP to send job details to drivers
  • Integrated Card payments if required with stripe
  • Revenue reporting
  • Customer accounts (excellent for repeat marketing)
  • Booking system easy to use by Admin staff
  • Live maps tracking your drivers
  • Simple invoices to give to customers

The features alone save alot of calls from customers asking where their recovery truck is, once Drivers start a job they are alerted the Driver is on the way with an estimated ETA through GPS, they are also alerted when the driver is 60 seconds away – This alone saves a huge amount of calls from customers and is the number 1 feature Transport companies need.

Their plans & costs

It is fairly cheap from a business view, a list of their average costs are below.

You do pay per driver on the app so if you are a 1-2 man team it can be fairly cheap to use, the higher plans generally include some things you do not need we personally used the Premium plan for 24 months and you also have to pay for SMS alerts, I believe they can be around 5p per SMS currently.

The majority of changes we had to make were the SMS templates that get sent out to customers, this can be done from your admin control panel and takes less than a few minutes of your time, once you then allocate jobs to drivers they will receive an SMS confirmation of their booking.

Want to give it a go? We researched numerous software and genuinely found this to be the absolute best, easiest to use out the box and fairly priced vS the majority of other options on the market, Signup today for a free trial!

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