London ULEZ to expand in 2023


As if rising fuel costs, taxes and inflation are not hitting our pockets hard enough, Sadiq Khan has decided an expansion of the current London Ulez zone will come into force next year. This will now cover the entire area of Greater London stretching near 30 miles from Uxbridge to Upminster and comes into effect from August 2023.

Mayor of London Announces Expansion

The additional cost per day just to the average driver will be £12.50 unless they can buy a newer car to keep up with emissions,, the same rate applies to Recovery trucks and car transporters up to 3.5T unless you have one of the newer trucks. Costing the average worker an additional £60-£70 per week to go to work there has been absolute outrage across social media.

Many comments complaining that buying a newer electric car is not viable which given the current economic situation affording anything right now is become impossible, rather than an attack on motorists it looks like the UK is attacking the hard working families and middle class with tax rises and council tax rates also set to increase very soon.

Sadiq Khan argues it will bring much cleaner air to Londoners across the country and improve the overall air quality, however how does a charge do this if people will still enter but just have to pay a fee? We now also have clean air zones in various different City’s across the UK such as the Bradford Clean Air zone, Manchester, Birmingham and more to come such as Sheffield & Newcastle.

Who knows what is next in this country? It seems pointed towards a very serious economical collapse, people & businesses cannot keep up with the current rates of inflation with the majority unable to eat enough or heat their homes.

All we can do is our best!

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