Elon Musk twitter sale completes for humanity

elon musk

It has been confirmed Elon’s $44bn takeover of twitter is complete, despite previously trying to backout the deal and causing share pricing jumps, Elon stated that ‘he purchased social media giant to help humanity because he wanted “civilization to have a common digital town square”.

Being the funny man he is before he had even settled in he walked into the building with a ‘sink’ yes that is right, a bathroom sink. ‘let that sink in!’ was the caption.

Why did Elon buy twitter? In his posts he talks about for ‘humanity’ and free speech and we have to agree, with so much censorship Elon has really had the last laugh! If you want to censor the human race then it is good bye, following his takeover he went on to fire multiple top level staff members who were escorted from the main building.

Elon posts on twitter

He then posted an explanation on twitter.

Someone had to do it, recently numerous famous actors and users have been banned from the twitter platform, this is a score for free speech. Rumours of massive staff cut backs have also been denied by Elon but plans to reform the website and app are already on his mind with an app called ‘X, the app for everything’.

Who knows sounds like the app that could dominate everyone.

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