How transporters can increase responses to jobs


Transport is an odd industry, one we know very well. You can bid on 100 jobs and get a response from just one of them, in fact this happens very often for many reasons and is extremely frustrating and annoying for Companies, the job they need or want is infront of them but the customer is not responding!

Why it happens

Generally there are a few reasons for this and the most common one is they have found a cheap quote online through another firm or the absolute best one is when the customer is purchasing a car but has dropped out the sale and instead of removing their job it remains live.

Some are just not in a rush to have it moved or forget about it, this is why we try to market towards people who are 100% sure they want the job doing to try and ensure transporters get the best response rate possible.

How to succeed easily

We have a few tips to help you easily secure jobs, and this has worked over and over again.

  • Place your bid on the transport job
  • Directly message the user after doing so with dates or times you can cover
  • Place a fair bid and do not be too greedy
  • Be fast to respond to questions, this is absolutely key

Always try to send the user a message after bidding with days and times you can likely do, this automatically gets them on the site and looking at your message in most cases, however you need to remain responsive during the negotiations, you could log back in too late and another user has been accepted for the job.

It is never easy

No matter which platform you use, it is always extremely hard to get responsive customers and you have to continue to work hard to secure jobs each and every day, following the tips above will help a massive amount.

Customers are more likely to accept a quote on DeliverMyMotor as the prices are automatically cheaper by 30% because there is no added commissions on top of the quote price which keeps us at very competitive levels vs other platforms currently operating.

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