Mayday plane landing on the A40

Plane lands a40

Your just minding your own business, commuting home and in it comes a small plane lands right infront of you on the central reservation! Imagine. Well this was the reality for drivers today.

Landing in the middle of the A40 right before rush hour!

The plane landed on the A40 between Gloucester and Cheltenham today just before the rush hour traffic, causing shock horror to motorists. Luckily no one was injured during the landing and as many have tried to tell the pilot ‘you can’t park there’.

Crash landing

Many motorists did however praise the pilot for pulling such a move off and causing minimal harm to drivers, luckily emergency services attended scene fairly rapidly and the plane has since been moved to the side of the road on a grassy reservation.

Even the crash barriers remained in good order! From what was made aware through a highways update is that the road is now fully clear and back open.

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