Our free transporter plan is live!

So… we listened to the majority. We get it, some of you only want a job now and again or don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription and we understand – We tried to make changes but sadly it was not desired for a good 60% of 2000 registered transporters and so after long discussions with other VIP members we decided to cater for all markets.

In doing this we can now welcome all businesses and offer them the choice to work on the standard commission based model or a membership model, the choice is literally yours! The freedom and power is with the transporters to make a clear choice between both options and have access to all of the jobs listed on the platform each and everyday!

Free plan

So on our free plan we do charge a commission, listen we want to offer the world for free but advertising costs thousands each and every week, the average customer complete conversion is £100!! So you only want one or two jobs now and again and do not want to pay £30/mo, you can join our platform on a free basis where the customer pays an additional 15% on your quote.

Granted this will in a way mean you may work more for less, but if you just need a quick job and do not care you are able to quote them. The fee will be paid by the customer directly and the amount left in your account on pending jobs will be the amount to collect, just like the other platforms available.

Our new free transporter plan is available to anyone, all you need to do is register here once you have registered on our transport platform you will need to be approved by an administrator and will be required to submit identification and insurance documents to support at

The VIP plan

For more regular users who want a competitive edge and to support our cause, we offer the VIP plan which only charges a very small job acceptance fee, this allows VIP members to have a great edge vs free users and increase their revenue. They also get access to our WhatsApp group, first alerts of jobs, Bespoke and managed guaranteed quotes plus a great personal level of support each and everyday if required.

Their profiles also have additional badges on quotes and their main profiles, you can make an informed decision and use the site and upgrade later if you like or stick with the free plan without any commitment.

Despite our efforts it is clear many want the option or some do not wish to contribute and so this model caters for both sides and can open our platform to a vast amount of Companies.

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