Ebay car collection & delivery service?

So you have been bidding on that nice new Family motor, you have been up until the last minute just to make sure you win your new car! But…. it is over 400 miles away from your address! Not the perfect situation, but out of all the cars available this one was just perfect in every way and you just had to have this one didn’t you?! Not a problem, having someone else or a Company collect your new auction purchase is a pretty straight forward process.

Ebay car transport is easy

Since the age of the internet finding other Companies or people to do tasks you do not want to do has become really easy. The best way to have your ebay car collected is by hiring a transport or recovery Company to go and collect it for you! Most Companies these days can offer trailer transport services or recovery truck services for bigger things such as vans or even camper vans.

DeliverMyMotor has hundreds of transporters across various towns and countries, having your new ebay motor purchase collected for you is simple you can quickly register for a quote.

You can also save a little bit of money and have a trade plate driver collect your car for you, these typically will drive the vehicle back to you and cover the cost of fuel and no tax is required for trade plate delivery. However this does put mileage on the car and you may not feel comfortable with having someone else drive it for you.

Will it be insured? What are the risks?

When hiring a transporter even outside of our platform, it is absolutely essential to ensure they have the correct insurance to move your car or van, many of our own transporters will display the ‘verified insurance‘ badge on their profile, this means we have seen and hold a copy of their insurance details for customer security.

Many other online delivery platforms do not do or offer this service, you are always entitled to request a copy of a companies insurance documents before booking a recovery or transportation job with them, especially if the car is of high value.

Checking reviews is also a must, you can research the Company history and checkout latest reviews left by customers online.

How can I get a transportation quote?

Simple join DeliverMyMotor by quickly registering and then post a new job through your dashboard for same day quotes!

You will have a range of companies to choose from ready to transport your new ebay motor straight to your door.

Car transport quote