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For many who run 4×4 combinations or have uprated their trucks will most likely be looking or needing a tacho installation for their setup. Our group of transporters have recommended a really great place to get this installed.

Is a tacho legal requirement?

For anybody who is doing more than just recovery work and running over 3.5T or a 4×4 trailer setup for transportation you are more than likely in the scope of Operators license and each vehicle will need a tachograph and limiter to Comply with UK legislation.

If you fail to comply with the regulations you can see yourself in court with a rather large fine, it is becoming much more common to be spot checked across the UK and is no longer worth the risk.

You will also likely need to apply for a drivers card with DVLA for the tacho.

Do I need an O license?

O license mostly applies to transport where as recovery has an exemption but you are then restricted to just recovery and most people will stick within the 100km tacho exemption radius, you can go outside of this even without an O license but you will still need a tacho when leaving 100km of your base on a breakdown job.

When it comes down to transport E.G moving a working vehicle from A to B for a customer and you are running a truck over 3.5t you will come in the O license scope and most trailer combinations will also fall under these rules, granted it can be rather expensive and you will need to prove you have the capital for repairs when applying for an O license, you are also very likely to need a premises rather than working from home.

You could even see your truck or vehicle impounded from not having a valid O license.

Recommended place for tacho install

Most of our transporters have given us a recommendation for a really good tacho installation in Manchester, fairly priced and fast turn around.

Our transporters highly recommend Tachograph Services MCR Ltd in Manchester.

Should you be struggling to find a suitable place for install give them a try.

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