Membership model released, vetted transporters


After months of work we have finally released our paid transporter account membership model for our vehicle delivery members with added benefits and verification for all of our active transportation Companies meaning your vehicle is in safe hands. Not only does membership aid in growing the platform with more marketing, it also ensures all transport providers signing up to our platform will be address verified each month they remain active.

If it is free, you are the product.

With a strong aim to maintain a commission free platform we always intended to operate a small membership fee and small acceptance fee in order to aid development and growth of DeliverMyMotor.

If the platform you are accessing is free you are usually the product, making you work hard to pay us huge fees is not the aim.

The monthly fee

Our small Monthly fee is currently set to £5 per month for each transport provider / Company, all fees go back into marketing and growing a platform to benefit not only Companies but also end users ensuring Companies earn decent rates without loosing commission and ensuring customers only pay a very small fee for connecting you with excellent transport providers. For many years Companies have been loosing on average £50 per job to platforms taking greedy cuts.

How does it benefit a customer?

The additional benefit of paid premium membership means our system that takes payment always uses a verification check on addresses when credit or debit cards are used to pay for membership, this in itself is an automated way of vetting providers. On numerous occasions on other platforms cars have gone missing and false ID used to create accounts, using a payment trace we can verify Companies and people are who they say they are and in an extreme worse case scenario, share such details with local authorities.

Because this is a monthly fee, the verification process happens each month meaning we have a regular verification each month for all of our providers.

I do not want to pay

We understand some people may feel annoyed or not desire to pay to be a member of our platform, this is fine, DeliverMyMotor aims focus at yielding higher profit jobs for providers including masking bids of other companies making the standard bidding wars less existent, not only this but we do not mask your Company details, usernames or photos of profiles – Transparency and a fair market place is what you are paying for.

Sadly as a business it costs us each day to advertise to customers and bring them to our platform, however servicing customers in a good manner will lead to these converting to long term customers for businesses that perform excellent work.

More features to come

We are currently working on adding more features to the platform for Transporters such as VOSA checkpoint feed letting you know when check points are active or closed, specific breakdown jobs for just breakdown recovery and also a forum for businesses to chat together, share news and discuss industry issues. We are also currently working on job sheets for transporters in order to have all the details they need in one place. When we started the platform we were tired of Companies extorting businesses and running auto bid down systems taking £10-£20 off a job on each bid. It is our aim to build the platform to become the number one in the UK.

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